Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Justice for the 96

Hello, friends! I am starting a walk for the 96 victims of Hillsborough on april 11. It will take me 3 days, hopefully, to complete my route, from a little spot in Nottinghamshire called Spion Kop to Liverpool, Anfield, The Kop stand. Why am I doing this? To raise awarness for the tragedy that occured 26 years ago, Justice to be made, and eventually some money for the families of the 96 souls who died in april 1989. Whoever wants to donate, can look or ask for my PayPal account or donate directly to Hillsborough Justice Campaign Fund.

PayPal: justice_4_96@yahoo.co.uk - make sure to put "Emil's Walk" in the notes

It is my third walk for this cause.

I decided to start walking for the 96 victims of Hillsborough in 2012. It was a two day walk from my place in Bucharest, to a place outside town and back, 96 kilometers long way.

Then, in 2013 I made a daring attempt, to walk 96 miles, from Hillsborough memorial in Sheffield, to the Hillsborough memorial on Anfield. I started on 10th of april 2013 in Sheffield, heading for Huddersfield...

Then to Oldham, Manchester, Wigan, Haydock...

...and back to Liverpool, after more than 96 miles, after my calculations, and 6 days of waliking, while I had the support of the Jamie Carragher 23 Foundation and my friends all over the world. 

Two years ago, I told a friend I did my walk as a gesture to show the way home to the souls who went to Heaven at Hillsborough,

Here are few words about me and my romanian mates.
Now, after 26 years since the tragedy occured, I want to make a symbolic connection between Nottingham and Liverpool.
God bless you all!
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